Apr 182014

it used to be on harbor and garden grove blvd but its not there anymore does anyone know if they relocated?

Apr 162014

Pei Wei — “Pye Wei” NOT “Pee Wei ”
“PIE WE”I – U dumbA$$ !!!

Apr 142014
Apr 122014

How wonderful their food is!

Apr 102014
Apr 082014

Im so Italian

Apr 062014

dinner for 2
budget is $100

Apr 042014

The only directions given are for the microwave, which I don’t have, and I didn’t realize until after I had bought the product.

Apr 022014

does it have an entrance fee? and what kind of bar is it?

Mar 312014

I have an automatic feeder for my cats and I’m having trouble programming it. I’ve looked online and every manual I’ve been able to find has instructed me to hold the “Enter” button for 2 seconds, but the one we have has no “Enter” button. It has 3 buttons: one that says “Set”, one that says “+”, and one that says “PROG”. I’ve tried pushing and holding all three of them, and it’s not doing anything. The display is on, which leads me to believe it’s not due to low batteries, but the buttons seem not to be working. Any advice?

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