Jun 232014
Jun 212014

you know the kind you microwave… Are they good? i really one to try the CHICKEN ASIAGO one. If anyone has tried them please tell me how good(or bad) you think they were. THANKS

Jun 192014
Jun 172014

I’ve had it on the Early Bird Wrap and it is so good!

Jun 152014

non posso dirvi su facebook. Naturalmente è necessario ragazzi. hai sempre bisogno di ragazzi! si possa vedere. vive nelle Filippine. Sì. Andrò a casa tua domani. che bistro?

I’m trying to see if this person is real.

Jun 132014

I have been trying to find this recipe or something close to it w/ the pizza crust and everything so if anyone knows anything close to it it would be greatly appreciated THANKS!!!!

Jun 112014

They speak spanish and only little english so they can’t understand me very well. I am 19 and I was in their earlier today and ask for a mango soda, which i found out they don’t serve anymore, and she was like, “you want margarita?” I was like naw and left.

I was wondering if I went in their and ordered a beer if she would card me. I’m a regular and haven’t ordered alcohol there before I want to. What so you think?

Also don’t tell me not to drink cos I’m going to anyway, thanks.

Jun 092014

Blue C Sushi? Fuji? (the one on Jackson and something near 5th)

Jun 072014
Jun 052014

how is it???
what is inside?

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